Thursday, December 2, 2010

Look who's turning 35!!!

Happy Birthday Andy!
We Love our Dad so much, and Think he is the greatest dad in the whole wide world. Could have asked for a better husband, best friend and dad. I so proud of him and grateful for all he does for our family.

Lillie is also four weeks old, and growing like crazy. She has brought a special spirit into our home and we love her so very much.

Susie wanted this pic. of halloween put on here too!!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Lillie Pearl Moysh

Lillie joined our family on Nov. 3rd. She weighed 5 lb 2 oz. and 18 1/2 inches long. She is so precious and her sister love her very much.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Family Update!!

Summer Fun!!
We have had a great spring and summer so far this year and want to share a few pictures of our adventures. This springbreak we went to sea world, the beach and Disneyland!! It was a dream for our girls to go to Disneyland. But they loved to beach and seaworld just as much. We stayed with my mom, bro. & sister's families in a vacation house on mission beach 1/2 block from the beach. It as amazing, and went to seaworld and played at the beach, then on our way home we went to disneyland for a day, and had a magicial day!

Then when we got home, we moved out of our house in with my mom and grandma, because we are renting our house out again for the summer, as a vacation home. We also had piano recital for Gracie and Dance recital for Susie and her Preschool Graduation.
Then we headed to Blackfoot for Andy's brother Kelly's Wedding. It was so beautiful and an amazing day.
Then before we knew it School was out and we were in full swing for the motel and pageant.

Andy has also started coaching football again at Gunnison High School, with a good friend Yori as Head Coach. They have been busy fundraising, and morning and night weights/workouts and getting their program up and running. I am so excited for him and proud he can influence the boys to do their best.

We have also went to Lava Hot Springs for a quick family vacation with Rick and Janet and with Andy's sister Jami family, it was great fun, swimming, and floating the river and camping.

For the July 4th we were in charge of the Manti 4th Parade and participated in the town's old fashion festivities, then went to Tooele and a Buzz game with my dad and Gayle who are where in town for week. We also went to a Cook family Reunion at Jordanelle.
Gracie went up to Logan with her aunts for a sports camp, and Andy was gone with his dad to a Football camp, so me and Rosie and Susie had fun going to Palisades, Swimming Pool, 4-wheeler rides, etc.
We have been busy every week, but enjoying and having fun every chance we get. We have also enjoyed living with my mom and grandma and helping them with their garden, and remodeling their backyard.
And Last but not Least, James and Sharee went through the Temple and were sealed in marriage on Saturday. We are so happy for them.

I am grateful for all my many blessing of a great supportive family, husband and girls and my life to experience so many fun opportunities with my family.
OH, Best of ALL by the way if you did not know, I am pregnant with our 5th GIRL. I am due November 18th.

At the Temple for James and Sharee Sealing.

Jordanelle for Cook Family Reunion.

FLoating the River at Lava Hot Springs.

Susie's Preschool Graduation and Dance Recital

Having Fun in Disneyland!!

Sea World and the Beach!!!

Feeding the Dolphins

Mission Beach, San Diego, CA

Kelly and Aydre's Wedding

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Remembering Maggie

Yesterday was Maggie's Birthday, Feb 10th. I was thinking how fitting it is to have her close to valentines, because she was such a sweetie, and we love her so very much. We celebrated her day by decroating the house with balloons and streamers, played party games, went and bought penny candy, and went to her grave and decorated it with balloons, flowers, and pinwheels and went to the temple. Its was a bright sunny day, and we felt her love for us as a family. I feel so blessed that our Heavenly Father chose Maggie to come down and be a part of our family, if only briefly. There are times when I wonder what she is doing with her mission in heaven, and what she would have been like if she were with us, a beautiful, fun loving 6 years old. I miss her and we remember her often. I feel sad sometimes she is not with us, but I feel so grateful she is ours forever, and I feel so blessed for the way she has strengthen my testimony of the gospel, and of my Savior Jesus Christ. She has made it a reality daily to have an Eternal Perspective in my life.

This picture was taken Last Memorial day.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Gracie's Baptism

On January 2, 2010, Gracie was baptized by her Dad. She has been so excited for her special day. She looked beautiful in her white dress, and she was so excited to have all her family come and be there for her. We also took some family pictures thanks to our friends Misty and Paul.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween!!!!!!

This weekend was a blast for our family, a bunch of my family came down and we did it all, played games, carved pumpkins, went gun shooting, made and decorated halloween sugar cookies, racked a big pile of leaves and jumped in it, went to the temple, chopped wood for grandma, watched movies, and best of all got all dressed up in cool costumes and went truck or treating together. We love fall time!!!!! Thanks to laura and bret and ben and christina and aaron and rachel for coming down and spending halloween in manti, it means alot to us and our kids and to grandma too.

Last weekend Andy and I went on a get a way weekend to Bryce Canyon and Capital Reef. I was great to just drive and get a way from our busy life and just spend much needed time together. It was very beautiful fall weather and fun to see the National Parks, that Andy have never been to. We did a room trade with a little motel that has cabins in Tropic, Utah just outside of Bryce Canyon, so it was free to stay which made it even better.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Fun Summer Pictures.

Well as most of you know this summer was a blurr, but we had FUN, FUN, FUN!! doing different activities. We had the pageant, Andy finished painting his Nova, the Fun 4th of July in Manti, Camping at Yearns Lake, Yellowstone and Island Park, visits to Blackfoot and fun on Kelly's Boat are just to name a few. We finally moved into our new house and have spent our time, adjusting to not being at the motel, and enjoying spending more time as a family. We have put a new roof on our house and did major tree trimming, so next is painting and we'll have it looking great.

Thanks to all our family for all there love and support. We have loved living at the motel and it has provided a way for me to be home with my children, and I will always be grateful for that. And I know we have had lots of help with our business from all of our family and want to say thank you for that support.

Yellowstone Gysers

Camping at yearns

Andy Working on his Nova

Gumball Machines

Shopping at West Yellostone

Won Tickets to BB Circus in Salt Lake.

Lovin' the water and Boating with Kelly!!!!!!!

Camping and 4 Wheeling

Float Trip at Mack's Inn, Island Park.

Mexican Fiesta Night at Moysh's. Contest to see who could put together the best Mexican Outfit from D.I. I think the girls and Buddy picked Andy or Kelly as the winners.

4 Wheeling with our DAD!!!

On top of Skyline Drive for the sunset.